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Content Marketing Enhances and Builds Your Organization’s Online Presence

Content Marketing Enhances and Builds Your Organization’s Online Presence 1296 562 GoLaunch! Marketing
I speak often with clients on the topic of content marketing. I recently had a chance to go through my presentations and cull some of the most salient points related to this topic.  I hope the following ideas, concepts, and strategies will inspire you to further develop your online content.
—Jon Wollenhaupt, President, Go Launch Marketing

Content Marketing Helps Your Prospects Make Purchasing Decisions 

Online content should be developed with the strategic purpose of giving empowered buyers the answers they need to make purchase decisions. This pretty much says it all. Content Marketing is defined as “The practice of creating and distributing content that is informative and helpful to potential customers.”  Good content then directs those customers back to your college website, where you can capture and nurture leads. Successful content marketing creates positive associations with your brand. The online content you develop gives empowered buyers who are searching for solutions online the answers they need to make purchase decisions.

Customer-oriented Content That Feeds Your Online Channels and Search Engines

  • Success Stories
  • Cases Studies
  • Industry Articles
  • Presentations
  • Client Endorsements
  • Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Pod Casts

Content Marketing Should be at the Core of Your Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies 

Content development, social media campaigns, and outbound marketing (e.g. email marketing) are all inexorable related and strategically complimentary. SEO and content marketing now go hand-in-hand; better, more frequent content will attract links, shares, and other brand-building signals that will boost rankings. The content you develop should be aligned with your brand’s core messaging or objectives; it should effectively build & support your brand in the eyes of your audience. Your content should directly address your target audience’s needs and interests. This will allow you to attract their attention and trust.

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