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What Every Employer Should Know About the Workforce Development And Customized Training Services Provided by the California Community College

By Jon Wollenhaupt, President, Go Launch Marketing

What is Workforce Development’s Mission?

The mission of Workforce Development is to help local and regional employers meet their strategic goals of staying competitive, increasing productivity, and retaining highly skilled employees. That mission is realized by the community colleges’ collaboration with businesses and government agencies to deliver responsive, workplace education and customized training programs that enhance the job skills and organizational commitment of employees

Why Should Employers Consider the California Community Colleges as a Solutions Provider for Customized Workplace Education and Training?

Resources: The Workforce Development staff at a community college can leverage a vast network of subject matter experts, educators, and consulting professionals to  deliver employee training programs that get results.

Agility: The Workforce Development units within the community colleges are agile, entrepreneurial programs that can quickly develop customized employee training solutions that meet your organization’s strategic business goals.

Access to Outstanding Trainers: Employers can expect results from the highly qualified trainers who engage employees with relevant information, practical techniques, and industry examples. The expert training professionals utilized by Workforce Development staff have years of industry experience coupled with unparalleled reputations, outstanding industry credentials and certifications, excellent client recommendations, and demonstrated ability to teach adult learners.

Funding: The Workforce Development units are a tremendous resource that can help employers find grants and funding sources that help offset the cost of employee training programs. Many community colleges are adept at securing and administering Employment Training Panel (ETP) funding— the state’s premier program that reimburses employers for the cost of training incumbent workers. ETP programs help ensure that California businesses have the skilledworkers they need to remain competitive in a global economy. Contact your local community college workforce development unit to see if your business if eligible for ETP funding

What Types of Employee Training Programs D Workforce Development Deliver?

Because of the vast resources and highly experienced matter experts, workforce development staff can deliver training programs to any level of employee, from entry level to the “C” Suite. The customized training programs delivered by the community colleges range from advanced manufacturing, logistics, leadership development, computer applications, to customer service. Community colleges can manage the critical resources required to quickly develop and deliver virtually any training programs demanded by employers. Services and programs offered are fee-based, not-for-credit training programs, consulting, and technical services

Where and When Is Training Delivered?

The California Community Colleges can deliver customized employee training programs wherever it benefits your company and employees—on campus at the college or onsite at employers’ facilities. Training can take place at times that are optimal for employees and businesses’ production schedule.


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